door of hope


Jesus says his kingdom is like a party, a banquet, or a table where there's always enough. He invites everyone to bring their contributions - and when his family comes together in this way, we find that there's plenty to share.


It’s a transformative journey to thoughtfully steward God’s resources as a community. We hope you find great joy with us in seeing God’s abundance flow out into His mission.


From our earliest days we’ve wanted to approach finances thoughtfully. 


We’ve committed to financial habits that will:


Build trust through transparency

Our budget is available to you.


Mature us through dialogue & discernment

Financial decisions are not driven from the top down. We embrace the chance to discuss giving opportunities in micro-churches, believing that our stuff and our hearts are connected.


Challenge us to “Help without Hurting”

We’re learning how to give in ways that go beyond relief, but contribute to the rehabilitation and development of our neighborhoods and networks. We expect to make mistakes as we experiment with thoughtful stewardship, but we believe God’s love for all creation calls us to holistic restoration of individuals, relationships, communities, systems and God's earth.


Stretch our assumptions about generosity

By choosing simplicity we anticipate investing the majority of our financial resources into God’s restoring work in our community, and the world beyond our borders.  (For 2019-20, we anticipate 70%+ of our budget flowing out of Door of Hope into God’s mission in the world.) 


door of hope

giving form

We invite you to partner with us as we learn to practice the economics of God's kingdom. 


We believe that intentional giving is a normal and healthy practice for anyone who follows Jesus. We aim to be a simple and sustainable movement, but your partnership increases our capacity to live into God's mission as we equip ordinary people to live sent lives.  


*Door of Hope has charitable org status, and will provide a giving statement via email in January of the next calendar year. The full amount of your contribution may be eligible for U.S. tax deduction subject to your personal fiscal scenario.*

All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.

Acts 4;32