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There’s a curious tension in the Gospels: everyone around Jesus wants to manage children, but Jesus frequently makes room to be “with them.” Learning to be present with children has great value for all of us. Children teach us to imagine and wonder again.  They model a childlike faith, lack of guile and vulnerability that is often a mirror for our "adult" souls.  

We believe the best long term thing we can do for our kids’ spiritual health is to include them in the authentic give-and-take relationships of an extended family on mission. Children need to see the adults around them living out an authentic faith. They need to be able to contribute. And they need space to ask their questions without fear and shame. 

Presently, we take communal ownership for caring for children when we gather. We believe a significant need as disciples of Jesus is to learn these life skills! Safety is paramount, so this involves training and co-leadership. We want to teach our kids that church is not an obligation but a part of everyday life. We also want our children to know that there is no junior Holy Spirit or junior Bible. We disciple our children in life with Jesus in God's kingdom in ways that are accessible to them - aware of their limitations, but including them and respecting their dignity, youth, wonder and energy. 

Trauma Informed

Each of us has a story, and, sadly, for many children, trauma is part of theirs. Door of Hope seeks to be a safe, welcoming community ​for all kids, including at-risk children. This means we strive to be a trauma-informed community, equipped with the tools necessary to receive and include children who might need additional resources.

Let's Play!

We like to have fun! Neighborhood cookouts with a micro-church are a great place to bring the kids and play.

Questions about kids?

Please contact Erica Kirstein


“But Jesus called the children to him and said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.'” 

Luke 18:16